Activities associated with the Point Pleasant Park Residency Recalling Your Presence While Calling Your Name will continue to be updated on this page.

June 22, 2013, 2pmRecalling Your Presence While Calling Your Name: In Memoria, Point Pleasant Park (beside the Northwest Arm Battery). Rain or Shine. See page “In Memoria” for more details.

Recalling Your Presence While Calling Your Name, Head Office: Visit me in the Library at the Khyber Centre for the Arts! A residency office is located there through the month of July. Formal office hours are: Tuesday—  Thursday,  1pm to 5pm. You can drop in other times during the week to see work in progress- the doors will be open, even if I’m not there. If you would like to meet up in the office, but are not able to visit during those times, just send an e-mail to: protectyourlove@gmail.com

Archive of Human and Wildlife Relations in the City of Halifax: This project is in progress- upon its completion, it will be accessible at the head office in the Khyber. Dates TBA.

Woods and Lakes Society: Woods and Lakes Swim Club and Naturalist Society meets every Wednesday at 5:15pm, at the Khyber for the month of July.
We meet in the Woods and Lakes Society Headquarters- the Library next to the Khyber office. There is a wall devoted to the society, where members can post information, drawings, notes, etc. Stay tuned for a call for contributions to the first annual Woods and Lakes Society Newsletter.

Bedtime Stories: Join me as I tuck in the animals at point pleasant park and read them bedtime stories.

Thursday July 25th, 8:30pm and Wednesday July 31st, 8:30pm. Meet in the Tower Road parking lot, and bring sturdy walking shoes, a blanket, and your flashlight!

Closing Reception at the Khyber, July 31st 6pm – 8pm:
In the Khyber’s Library, you can view the archive and the documents, drawings, photos and ephemera gathered over the past two months, before they are stored away in their filing boxes.