by protectyourlove

Before the arrival of settlers, Halifax was a thick hinterland forming part of the Acadian forest region— a diverse ecosystem that began to form 10, 000 years ago, blanketing Nova Scotia. It is home to many species of animals including black bears, moose, foxes, flying squirrels, porcupines, fishers, otters, beavers, lynx, bobcats, and more. Did these same animals once nestle in woodland where our city is now?

I’ve learned that wolves used to live in this forest- did any of them make a home here? Woodland caribou were abundant throughout the province, but they are now extinct in this area and so are the wolves.

I am organizing a memorial service to honor the lost wildlife of the Halifax Peninsula and Point Pleasant Park.  I have asked the Audeamus Choir at the Sacred Heart School of Halifax to provide music for the service, which will take place this Saturday at 3:15pm, at Point Pleasant, where the first trees were felled in Halifax in 1749. I have prepared readings and a eulogy, and a reception will immediately follow the service with sweets in the summerhouse.

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