Bedtime Stories

by protectyourlove

The wildlife of Point Pleasant Park is necessarily active during the day, and the animals are surrounded by bustling moving people and dogs from dawn to dusk.   As a little girl, nothing calmed me down at the end of the day like a story read to me by my mother and so, I have decided to perform this same bedtime ritual for these animals.

On July 25th and July 31st at 8:30pm, and beginning at the Tower Road parking lot, we will walk through the park, stopping at areas where urban wildlife is often seen. Chosen from classic children’s literature, I will read bedtime stories to the animals— stories that feature Point Pleasant’s wildlife as protagonists. Anyone is welcome to join in to be read to, along with the animals.

I would suggest bringing a blanket or something to sit on, as some of the stories are lengthy. It will take around an hour to make our rounds through the wooded pathways. We will be walking through the park as night falls, so be sure to bring a flashlight and sturdy footwear— maybe even a thermos of hot cocoa…

Bedtime Stories Woods